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Governance is the set of processes and structures that ensures an organisation is managed in a responsible and ethical manner.


A cyber security risk assessment identifies the various information assets that could be harmed by a cyber attack, and the risks that could be posed to those assets.

risk management

Optimise success with our expert governance risk management solutions. Navigate uncertainty, comply with confidence, and secure sustainable growth.


Ensure business compliance excellence through our tailored solutions. Stay ahead of regulations, build trust, and drive growth seamlessly.

IT Audits

Enhance security & performance with comprehensive IT audits. Our expert services ensure optimal technology utilisation. Discover reliable insights today.

secure email gateways

A Secure Email Gateway (SEG) is a device or software that monitors emails as they are sent and received.

Strategic & management planning

Strategic planning is essential for any organization because it provides direction and outlines measurable goals.

Digital Forensics

Forensics services help organisations investigate fraud, cybercrime, and other incidents..

Regulatory Review

Regulatory review services help organisations ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and best practices.

Database Design

Interaction with an on-line database is the way forward for many industries. Allowing clients to update their account data, place orders and query the status of an order.

Cybersecurity awareness training & certification

Training of workforces on the various cyber threats that exist, how to recognise them, and steps to take to keep safe.

PoPIA Review

We offer POPIA services to help organisations comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Is your Governance in Order?
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